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Carving Care

Carving care varies depending on the final location of your carving, be sure to protect your investment. Most Animalistic Chainsaw carvings have been treated with two coatings of a linseed oil/mineral spirits mix (1 to1), however this is really only a preliminary treatment used to soak and protect the deep fibers of the wood and unless your carving is kept in a perfect climate it will not be sufficient protection for the long haul. There are many options for a final finish;  Urethanes,  timber oils and many other log home and deck treatments are excellent additions to the linseed oil treatment and can be applied after the carving is completely dry. Note that once you select a finish it is best to continue with the same type 
(oil or water base) throughout the life of your carving. Also, indoors or outdoors it is important to keep the carving raised from the ground to allow airflow(on stones, bricks or small blocks), otherwise the carving will continually pull moisture from the ground--or stain your floors. Many chainsaw carvings are produced from whole logs, as the wood dries the fibers shrink and the carving must crack to relieve the tightening on the core, this is an inevitable characteristic of whole log carving. That said, the artist works to relieve the tension as mush as possible by removing the core whenever possible, that is why so many animals you will see carved here are twisting around the center- with much of the center removed the majority of the larger cracks will only occur in the base.
To highlight the main points;

  1. Keep the carving raised 1/2" or more from the ground or floor indefinitely.
  2. Carvings will crack as they dry and shrink- guaranteed- typically this enhances the whole log carving charm. If you don't like the cracked look of a chainsaw carved log- i suggest a nice plastic sculpture from China.
  3. Cracks may be easily recolored with a torch, paints or stains.
  4. Thinned Linseed oil is applied to protect the wood fibers as they season and dry, re-apply thinned linseed oil anytime while the carving is drying. Linseed oil does not contain mold prohibitives or UV blockers, if your carving will reside outdoors a timber oil or other log home/deck care product is a great alternative and is available at many major hardware stores.
  5. There are many options for good outdoor coatings, re-apply as needed- you will need to keep an eye on your carving to know when a coating is due- once annually is usually sufficient. (Cabot-Australian Timber oil, Sherwin Williams-Deckscapes natural, Sikkens- natural 
  6. It is the responsibility of the buyer to insure that the carving is installed securely and safely.
StudioCarvingsCarving Care
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